Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is a web site I would love to have you visit. It is from my class in Quilting Adventures in New Braunsfel, Texas this spring. Enjoy!


I had the pleasure of staying in Naples FL with my friend Judy Bauckham in her beautiful cabana take a look how lucky cn I be and I made friends with the two adorable dogs. Further more my inspiration for the next couple of quilts has to come from the incredible colors of the plants and flowers. Wow!
I had a two day class in Strips 'n Curves and I think everyone did something unique and fun. thanks everone for your patience and creativity. I can not wait to see the finished quilts!!!

Thanks to you all for making this so much fun.

The Tucson Quilters' Guild

Tucson Quilters Guild, Tucson AZ. - Two wonderful classes One Patch Plus and Interlocking circles with Strips 'n Curves. I was so well treated by my wonderful hostess Lois Podolny, that I did not want to leave.
Creative and friendly quilters made me want to live in Tucson!!! Can't wait to see all the wondeful quilts done!thanks so much every one.