Monday, September 29, 2008

Utah Quilt Guild September 2008

The Utah Quilt Guild Festival Pieceful Paradise:

This past week I had the pleasure of teaching at the Utah Quilt Festival. This was a fun and festive couple of days. With the theme of Pieceful Paradise we all felt as though we were indeed in Hawaii. Four national teachers and many other teachers made up the class roster for the weekend. It was a blast. Thanks ever so much Sandy and Marsha and your incredible committee for putting this all together.
I met Dorothy Gross, who chaired the Quilts-4-Cancer and I was blown away with the amount of quilts that they collected. Well over a thousand, yes….. a thousand quilts to be contributed to the local hospitals and given to the many patients battling cancer. Can you even imagine such a task! As you can see from the enclosed pictures, there was a long hallway just filled with quilts and quilts. That a girl, Dorothy, job well done.
My classes were the best and the students, many of who had only one day to master the procedures, did a fabulous job. Look at the strata, Ann Rudge and Cory Weir brought to class. I was sure tempted to take that one home. Note how creative Cory got with the left overs! Does that not look like an awesome flower. I have added some snapshots from the classes. Students, (and you know who you are) thanks so much for taking the classes and making it so much fun. I do hope you all learned a lot and make beautiful quilts. The One Patch Plus class was so much fun; I truly like teaching that procedure because it just produces such great art quilts. Please keep me posted and send me a picture of two of the finished projects. Again thanks one and all, and if you live even close to Utah you may consider joining them in their next Quilt festival.