Sunday, October 7, 2012

New post today and making a promise to blog more often. I am still stripping and hard at work writing new strips 'n curves book. I have two new template designs, and many more template free designs as well as still working with the old favorites. However with the old favorites I now use much more paper piecing parts and much, much more interlocking and overlapping of circles to create more movement in the quilts. More piecing involved, but oh so interesting to see. The quilt The Words Gets Around is good example of the movement. As far as the new template designs are concerned I have added picture of Painted Leaves. Notice the new curved design? And last but not least my new template free design called: Curves and Strips, which deals with making the curves first and then cutting the strips, see Rhapsody in Color. I hope you enjoyed the little preview, give me your feedback.

The Word Gets Around

Painted Leaves

Rhapsody in Color