Friday, October 9, 2015

The Main House in Kerrville, TX across from best store ever: Creations.

We started the class on Sunday afternoon about 4 PM. and continued after supper to get everyone started on their new projects. And we finished the class about 4 PM on Wednesday. Wow, they got so much accomplished it is amazing. The classroom is probably the best, a u-shapes workstation for each student, a portable design wall about 4 by 8 for each student as well as some oversized ironing boards, oversized cutting tables were available. Didn't they just create some awesome pieces. Thank you Julie, Kathy and Barbara and thank you all students I just loved every minute of it, now it is back to work at home, ugh, wish I was still there. Thanks to some of you, I have so many new ideas swirming in my head. (Barbara and Kate!) Coming home from airport was greeted by awesome sunset, saying welcome home.

I will be good for the next 6 months creating. :-)
Here are some pictures to share

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Class at Empty Spools Seminars, Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA

Finally a moment to share with every one the awesome, awesome class at Asilomar. Our class was Fractured Curves and we had a ball. I would love to share some of the pictures of students work towards the end of the seminar, and almost everyone was done with the top. Here are just some of the pictures. Thank you all awesome, awesome students you sure made me look good. Are they just awesome even at this stage???? Wait to see them when they have completed them and added their embellishments. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Creations in Kerrville, Texas

 3 1/2 days at the Main House in Kerrville, Texas part of the best quilt shop I have ever seen; right across the parking lot from the classroom. Wonderful classroom see pictures, we worked downstairs in the best ever set up any teacher could possibly want!!!!! And our rooms were upstairs and the quilt shop right across. Each student had three table in a horseshoe set up I just couldn't believe it. Each student had her own design wall and we had three large cutting tables and three large ironing boards. Now quilters would you like anything else???? Check them out!
Amazing, really amazing, I loved all the rooms with either three or more beds, what fun!!!
Look at my students work it was outstanding!!! Working hard on my manuscript so I will probably use all this incredible work they produced. So all the quilts that are posted here are from the students!!!! As well as a picture of the classroom, one bedroom and also the store across the street.
Come and join me here next time!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

jazzy Jackets

This was such a fun project I thought I would post it again,

Jazzy Jackets
Jazzy Jackets
Created by: Louisa Smith
Be sure to give us feedback on this project below.

Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 hours
Louisa Smith provided these construction notes for a fun twist to a traditional vest. You can adapt this technique to any pattern! Simply sew together strips to the sizes of your pattern pieces, and then treat the sewn pieces as one large piece of fabric. It’s a fantastic way to use up some of your stash – or to add color and splash to a traditional pattern.

Janome Supplies Required:
Any Janome Sewing machine
Any Janome Embroidery machine (optional)
Janome embroidery thread in colors to match fabrics (optional)

Fabric and Notions Required
A vest pattern of your choice. Louisa used the Jazzy Jacket pattern by Debra Lunn - you can puchase it herePattern paper
See pattern instructions for fabric yardage:
We have used 27 different 1 ½” wide strips for the Retro Revived version as well as some plain black fabric.
And for the All That Jazz version, we used a Black ‘n White print along with some smaller pieced fabric sections.
Fabrics for the lining of the vests
All-purpose sewing thread in colors to match fabrics

In this case we have used the pattern in the shortest form. But any pattern you select can be cut down to have this cute short style to layer over longer shirts. And if you decide you prefer a longer style vest, the procedure is basically the same.

1. Start by placing the vest pattern pieces on your table surface. Draw lines onto your pattern pieces and cut them into sections according to how you would like your finished vest to look. Remember when you cut them out to add seam allowances to these cuts!!!! We opted for three different sections on our vest patterns. But notice the All That Jazz version on the backside we have placed the sections vertically.

2. For Vest A (Retro Revived) I sewed together 27 different 1 ½” wide strips. And placed the appropriate pattern pieces on it and cut them out. You may choose wider or narrower strips. Additionally, you may choose to cut some pieces out of plain fabric.

3. For the in between sections I chose plain black fabric so that the machine embroidery will show up. The inspiration for the embroidery actually came from some of the fabrics used.
4. For Vest A (Retro Revived) I inserted a piece of plain black fabric to showcase the embroidery design. For Vest B (All That Jazz), I followed for the most part the same procedure but I used mostly a black and white fabric and inserted some pieced fabric for contrast. The embroidery patterns were a collection of musical images.

6. Sew the pattern pieces together according to pattern instructions.
7. Finish the shoulder seams only…..and complete the machine embroidery of your choice. Please refer to the vests for inspiration. Once all this is completed, you may also want to make an additional vest out of a cotton fabric, because these vests are completely reversible!!! Again just finish the shoulder seams only of the lining vest.

8. So now you have:
One vest completed with embroidery and shoulder seams sewed &
One vest out of a wonderful fabric to be the lining and shoulder seams sewed.
Place these on top of one another right sides together, sew all around the edges, leaving the under the arm seams open so you can turn them inside out. (You may want to trim the seams before turning.)
9. Sew the under the arm seams and your vest is completed: two for the price of one. Add the buttonholes where needed. We opted for fabric covered buttons for both our vests.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just want to share the Asilomar class with you all. Can not begin to tell you how awesome the week was. Great weather, incredible students I must say, just look at the work!!! All pictures courtesy of Dixie Johnson. Thanks so much. Wow, is all I can say they were all so creative. I will finally start sending out some of the things I promised I would. So sorry but were moving my kids from my house (for 6 months) into their own.
Also we, Helen, Linda, Laura, Cyndy and I,  walked every morning along the beach, I miss you all already! That was a delight!
Thanks ever so much to Dixie for setting up a special facebook page for our class. Love, love it.
Hoping to see the finished quilts, what a delight that will be inspiration for us all. Seeing Brenda's quilt in class makes me want to finish my elongated larger ovals. But for now I am gardening, I just started this week, in years past I am all done and I am just maintaning so I have my work cut out for me, will be spending days in the gardens to catch up. Seeing Edi's beautiful home and incredible gardens made me just jump right in. Wow, Edi thanks ever so much what a treat, it is a piece of heaven for sure. I will create another post just for the pictures I took in Asilomar and at Edi's gardens.
But for now thanks so much to all of you, success with your quilts some of you made more than one quilt in class. I hope to hear from you and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.