Friday, October 9, 2015

The Main House in Kerrville, TX across from best store ever: Creations.

We started the class on Sunday afternoon about 4 PM. and continued after supper to get everyone started on their new projects. And we finished the class about 4 PM on Wednesday. Wow, they got so much accomplished it is amazing. The classroom is probably the best, a u-shapes workstation for each student, a portable design wall about 4 by 8 for each student as well as some oversized ironing boards, oversized cutting tables were available. Didn't they just create some awesome pieces. Thank you Julie, Kathy and Barbara and thank you all students I just loved every minute of it, now it is back to work at home, ugh, wish I was still there. Thanks to some of you, I have so many new ideas swirming in my head. (Barbara and Kate!) Coming home from airport was greeted by awesome sunset, saying welcome home.

I will be good for the next 6 months creating. :-)
Here are some pictures to share