Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11 Billings Quilters Retreat

300 plus strips!

Car cover's back side
Strips 'n Curves class

Brooke Atherton's Car cover

Got home from awesome Quilters Retreat in Billings, MT. Was delayed in airport for a while on Sunday but after the wonderful retreat I did not even care! To the quilters in charge, Georgene and her incredible staff hats off to all of you for making this so special for the quilters and the teachers. I was truly pampered did NOT want to go home. Wow, great classes great students, thank you all so much. Had a wonderful time with Alice Kay Arnett from Laramie WY-  we had so many laughs my jaw hurts! And let's not forget wonderful Susan Cleveland who shared so many tips with me I owe her big time!!!! Big time!! We celebrated her birthday at the HuHot Mongolian Grill and had marsmellows, graham crackers and chocolate at the table, see photo! With the other teachers and some of the quilters extraordinaire. What a blast. My classes were great, my students the best. I have never seen a bigger strata in all the years I have been teaching this method, she blew me away! I believe it was 300 plus strips. Bigger than mine, for sure. And Brook Atherton from Billings I believe did the car cover isn't it a hoot!

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