Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beautiful Colorado Springs

Last weekend brought us to Colorado Springs, some two and a half hours from Loveland. Where the Colorado Springs Quilt Guild had their monthly meeting. And their president, who was a fellow Dutchman surprised me by greeting me in my native language. I was blown away by the beauty of the country side, even though we had a lot of rain, it could not dampen the beautiful surroundings. And the quilters were so friendly and enthusiastic that it made the time in the classroom fly by. Here are some wonderful pictures of the students masterpieces in progress. A great big thank you from both Fred and myself to all the guild members at the lecture. I also want to wish my students success and thank them for a great day and being so creative!!!!!

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annao said...

I think you and your students have come long way with your creativetly.  The use of pictires to tell a story is very cool, with the strips. I guess we will have to get on the ball and catch up. See you soon. annao