Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival Loveland CO

This past weekend was the first Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland CO.

It was a huge success. And Kelly Gallagher of Hoffman Challenge fame did an outstanding job. She and her staff can pat themselves on the back. Because if you missed it, you may want to make sure you make the show next year!
The entire Hoffman Challenge was displayed.
and it was enormous. I was blown away by the dolls.
The creativity of the makers was impressive.
The special quilt displays were wonderful, see the horse above done by Linda Hibbert. The displays by Cookie Warner and Melody Randol were great. I loved the quilt by Laura Cooke from Barrington RI. Frankly to many to mention. We had a booth in the show and it was great fun. I demonstrated my procedures and signed books. We had a chance to talk to the quilters and get their reaction to this show. I want to send a great heartfelt thank you to all who worked so hard and made this show possible. And Kelly Gallegher...... girl you did it!!!!!!!!

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