Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My grandson's first baby quilt!

A week ago my grandson, Nate Smith ( age 10) spent a week with me. He had one mission ........he wanted to make a baby quilt for his Mother's best friend. And he did. He collected 30 of his favorite fabrics from my studio and I cut them into 6 1/2" squares for him. And the rest is history. He not only sewed on the Janome 6600 but also programmed the childs name and chose a quilting pattern with the use of the Memory Craft 11000. How easy this comes for this computer savvy generation. I am so proud of him and here are a few of the pictures along the way. What can be better then spending time with your grand child and teaching a new generation to quilt! I am one proud grand mother!!!!!!!


Mike said...

Very Cool!

We will send pictures of baby Ben wrapped in his quilt soon!!

annao said...

Nate:I hope to see more of your work in years to come.

Geri Barr said...

How delightful! Good for Nate! I've been teaching a 9 year old friend of my daughers. He really loves sewing so his mom outsources the sewing lessons to me. I love it, he loves and it encourages my daughter. It's great. Got to love boys who quilt!